Festive Rewards

As most of you are winding down for the festive season, many will be making their annual migration down to the coast. Please keep a look out for any historical fishing photos and be sure to share them with us. Capture a bit of Fishtory with your smartphone and share with us, either by registering on our website and uploading the images there, or emailing them to us at fishtory@fishforlife.co.za or just post them on our Fishtory Facebook page.

Be sure to send us the date (even a decade will do) and location of the catch!

As it is the season for giving, we will be giving away a set of these fun fishy bumper stickers to anyone that sends us 5 or more historical (pre-1980s) recreational salt water fishing photos (with the date & location of the catch) before the end of January 2017.

Best fishes for the festive season!