Fishtory Talk | Port Alfred Ski Boat Club | 27th October | 18h00
17 October 2016

Interested in the state of our fish stocks?

Come along to our talk at the Port Alfred SKi Boat Club on Thursday 27th October at 18h00.

People possess a forgotten treasure in the form of old catch photos, angling journals and newspaper clippings. These records provide valuable insights into what stocks looked like over the past 100 years, and how the distribution, composition and sizes of fish have changed in that time.

YOU can help by bringing us your Fishtories (photographs, journals,newspaper clippings). Become a citizen scientist today and help us fill in the gaps by creating a representative baseline from which to track changes in fish stocks.

There will be a brief presentation, after which we would like to scan or photograph your documents for our database. Be sure to check the date (or even just decade) and location for each submission.

For more information please visit our website and follow the link to the website. Follow us on Facebook (Fishtory) and Twitter @FishtorySA Or email